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Breaking the USB Barrier

Machine builders are faced with the choice between lower price and improved performance cameras, until now! Camelot USB2.0 smart cameras combine a powerful Blackfin DSP with the universal USB2.0 interface to deliver professional performance at a fraction of the cost of other smart camera options. Find out how to take your device to the next level without sacrificing size, power consumption or price.

Imaging Diagnostics Delivers Total Vision Solutions

For over 15 years Imaging Diagnostic’s experienced team of embedded vision specialists and experts have developed and brought to market successful machine vision solutions. Imaging diagnostics individually designs each machine vision system, using handpicked machinery and customized software. Each machine vision camera at Imaging Diagnostics is application specific for superior and reliable performance. This total camera solution gives machine builders flexibility to execute the application with the best performance and price possible. See how Imaging Diagnostics products can take your application further.