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Years of experience working for your success

For more than 15 years, the management team of Imaging Diagnostics has provided embedded imaging solutions for a wide range of machine vision applications.

Founded by the BDR Group, a successful technology incubator, Imaging Diagnostics has become an established R&D and production center experienced in hardware and software development and onsite manufacturing. Imaging Diagnostics is dedicated to creating individualized, high quality, and affordable vision solutions that outperforms market standards..

Imaging Diagnostic’s inclusive method translated into superior solutions

Every project at Imaging Diagnostics is designed internally from development to final product, ensuring reliable and efficient solutions. By offering a comprehensive method, each product is tailored to the clients the need and enables a full range of capabilities.
See our method in action with our innovative product lines.

Camelot and IDM - ideal for mass production devices

ID’s series of smart cameras provide advanced embedded technology. Using a powerful digital signal processor and various image sensor options and peripherals, ID’s cameras deliver faster, precise and affordable machine vision. The customizable configurations ensure high performance and superb image quality suitable for the specific imaging application. To find out more about ID cameras click here.

Mission statement:

Imaging Diagnostics' mission is to enable a full range of capabilities - using our imaging
devices in all types of applications: from medical devices to security. We offer an easy, cost-effective integration of an imaging solution into a final product with minimal effort and maximum performance.