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Camelot for Industrial Applications

Using Professional USB 2.0 cameras in the Exerra PCB printers, Imaging Diagnostics applied machine vision where the human eye can't distinguish.


Printed Circuit Boards, PCB, are used in virtually every electronic device today. Surface Mount Technology, SMT, is the method in which the components are mounted directly onto the surface of PCBs using soldering paste. The soldering paste deposition utilizes a screen printing process with a stainless steel or nickel stencil. Precise alignment and exact amounts of solder paste is necessary for developing functioning circuit boards.


Exerra, a developer and manufacturer of off-line stencil and screen printers, required a vision system for their eP25 that could accurately verify the presence and orientation of a particular surface mount component and at the same time, reliably check the quality of the solder connecting the surface mount component to the circuit board.


Imaging Diagnostics integrated USB2.0 cameras into an intuitive interface enabling users to define the entire PCB or as many Areas of Interest, AOI, as desired. Each area is presented as an icon on a graphical representation of the PCB, and can be magnified for close-up verification. Each type of defect is displayed on the screen in a unique color, making it easy to identify various types of problems. The frequency and level of inspection is user-defined and can be executed after every printing and stencil cleaning cycle. The inspection system generates both statistical and graphical reports, featuring automated alerts when measurements exceed defined tolerances.


Imaging Diagnostics created the optimal vision solution by providing a series of cameras for Exerra’s eP25 off-line stencil and screen printers designed to address the complex issues involved in soldering identification and verification under extremely difficult industrial conditions.

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