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IDM- 100 Fits Into Your Device and Your Budget

IDM 100 is a board level Vision Sensor that is perfect for product developers, machine builders and OEMs, looking for high quality and low cost vision solutions. Despite its small size, the IDM-100 contains a color VGA sensor and an embedded 400Mhz Blackfin DSP. The compact IDM-100 can easily be integrated into any hand held device to deliver high quality image sensing solutions.


  • 24mm by 24mm foot print
  • 640x480 color image sensor
  • Included F2.8 Adjustable Lens
  • Real time processing on the sensor
  • On Board RAM and Flash
  • Includes 2 On-Board LEDs
  • Serial Interface
  • GPIO


  • Barcode Reading
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Color Detection
  • Level and Edge Detection
  • Object Counting
  • Biometrics
  • Intensity Calculations
  • Motion Detection